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Homework Sites We Love ( - "[HomeworkSpot] is very well organized; a great balance between extensive and easy access."

Tampa Tribune
Favorite Web Sites ( - "Sometimes kids need a little extra help in understanding their homework, and this site runs the gamut, from kindergarten to high school senior."

Consumer Guide
Best Buy ( - "Nothing will ever entirely replace the local library as a research center and study haven, but there's something to be said for a library that's open 24 hours a day. You can perform research at any time of day or night without leaving home, and you never have to worry that someone else has already checked out the one book you really need."

Chicago Tribune
Web sites take the work out of boring homework ( - "This efficiently arranged portal is full of content but easy for Web beginners to digest. It includes spotlighted sites on selected themes, science fair ideas, study tips, online museum exhibits, frequently asked questions and separate sections for different school levels."

Library Journal
" presents a huge breadth of information in a handy, well-organized and useful format."
Top 50 Websites: Civic Guide ( - "[GovSpot] is an excellent gateway to a host of useful government and civic sites."

The Wall Street Journal
The Best Way to Do Homework ( - "'It's absolutely critical that students learn to evaluate information online,' says Lauren Zollinger, managing editor at StartSpot Mediaworks Inc., which operates the excellent 'Questioning answers is just as important as answering questions.'"

Family Tree Magazine
101 Best New Family History Web Sites (

U.S. News & World Report
Best of the Web: Information & News ( - "If you're looking for information about federal benefits, state taxes, city hall services - or just about any government matter - this site has links to thousands of appropriate home pages."

San Francisco Chronicle
"Byte for byte, LibrarySpot can probably answer more questions - either directly or through a Web link - than any other site on the Internet."

PC World
Look It Up on the Web ( - "A nifty, Yahoo-style launching pad to almanacs, databases, online calculators, and much more."

Yahoo! Internet Life
New, Notable & Fun ( - "Visitors can search for news extracted from thousands of sources, which is then sorted regionally and by topic. Care more about the comics or just want to know today's noteworthy photos? You'll find those here as well." Best of the Web
Forbes Favorite: Reference ( - "So good you may be tempted to throw away your library card. This gateway to more than 5,000 libraries around the world covers all the bases."

"This new Web portal [] makes it easy to find online news sources from virtually any part of the world ... literally from Terre Haute to timbuktu."

Martha Stewart Living
"There's more information on this site than the entire Library of Congress. It's like having a library of libraries. certainly seems like a very good teaching tool and a very good reference library for the home."

Chicago Tribune
"When we feel like visiting the museums of the world we find to be a great launching pad. There, you are just a click away from 33,000 museum websites including the Louvre, the Smithsonian and MOMA and lesser-known spots under category titles that range from Agriculture and Aquariums to Wax and Zoos."

The News is Spreading called "So good you may be tempted to throw away your library card..."

Martha Stewart called "...a very good teaching tool and a very good reference site for the home."

Internet News reporter Charles Bowen called "one of the best Web portals for news that I've ever seen!"

The New York Daily News called "a research tool that's hard to stump."

Family PC called "so helpful and well organized that no cook should don an apron without it."

Netsurfer Digest likened to "a clickable map of a portion of your mind."

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